Stress Relief
    Beauty Express (60 minutes)
For a healthy skin, clean skin
For the busy executive on the go, this relaxing treatment allows you to maintain a healthy skin regimen without spending a lot of time. Incorporates cleansing, mini facial massage and mask for a revitalized and refreshed look. A perfect boost in between your monthly facials - light massage with no extraction.

Essential Facial (90 minutes)
For stress relief
Stress makes the skin lose its glow and becomes vulnerable to skin problems. So, unwind with our relaxing aromatherapy facial which uses a wholesome blend of essential oils and plant extracts that enhance the skin's texture and appearance. This treatment defies the aging process and leaves the skin supple and more vibrant. It includes steaming, gentle exfoliation, deep pore cleansing; face, shoulder and neck décolleté massage and a specialized Spring Thermal Mud Mask with an ampoules for toning and rejuvenation.