Philaroma Paris
Philaroma was founded in France in 1960 by Doctor Philippe Burger, a Doctor in Chemical Sciences, and his wife Line Burger. Both husband and wife had an immense passion for the research in the field of cosmetology and as a result of their extensive and dedicated studies, Philaroma was born. Their mission was nothing less than to bring the pure essence of beauty to every woman. In the 51 successful years that Philaroma has thrived, what was started by a visionary husband and wife team has grown into an internationally renowned brand that uses only the purest of nature’s ingredients.

Today, we have a team of chemists and researchers to research and formulate Philaroma products.
We are proud to acknowledge that our team has over 50 years of experience in the French cosmetics industry. Philaroma products derived its active ingredients from fruits, flowers, vegetables and plant extracts and are technologically developed to achieve visible results. Philaroma seeks to constantly challenge the changing global consumers’ needs and we believe in providing every woman high quality skin and body care products to not only look great but to feel good about how they achieved the results.