Optimal Oxy Spa Facial (90 minutes)
For dull, fatigued and stressed skin that lacks radiance
A relaxing facial, with the highest concentration of actives and a powerful serum to repair, hydrate and de-stress the skin. Concentrated oxygen combats free radicals and increases the cells intake of oxygen, accelerating the regeneration of skin tissues. This treatment provides PH rebalancing, deep hydration and a vibrant glow to your stressed skin. It includes a deep pore cleansing, gentle exfoliation, face shoulder and décolleté massage with a Thermal Spa gel and a specialized mask with an ampoules for toning and rejuvenation

BelleWave Switzerland Oxygenique Therapy™ (105 minutes)
For dull and tired skin with loss of radiance and vitality
The ultimate solution for tired and lackluster skin, our Oxygenique TherapyTM instantly delivers bright vitality as the treatment rejuvenates and energizes dull skin. The 4-step intensive program is powered by pure encapsulated Oxygen molecules that recharge skin metabolism and revitalize skin straight from the core.

The source of power comes from O2SphereTM, an innovative encapsulation of pure Oxygen molecules, Jojoba Oil and Ceramides to deliver a shot of energy directly to skin. It acts as an instant revitalizer and propels oxygen molecules deep into skin to boost oxygen content. The bio-compatible Ceramides assimilate readily with skin’s moisture-binding lipids for a hydration boost that lasts up to 6 hours. Skin metabolism instantly recharges and functions at a heightened pace to maximize nutrient absorption.

The treatment also helps to defend against free radical damage and forms a protective veil around skin to boost healthy functions. Skin breathes with revived freshness and is restored with radiance, firmness and suppleness.