Eye Rejuvenation
    Visionergy™ Treatment (75 minutes)
For tired eyes showing signs of aging
Transform fatigued, sagging and dull-looking eyes with the Visionergy treatment. Specifically conceptualized to recharge skin with youthful energy, this 4-step program deeply revitalizes to erase wrinkles and fine lines, reduce dark circles and puffiness, and firm and lift the eye area.

A powerful combination of Phyto-ATP and CoQ10 produces biological energy in cells to instantly revive functions and boost rejuvenation. PhytoStem Cells, cultivated from a rare species of apples boast spectacular capabilities to intensively regenerate skin. An innovative Infrared Mineral Crystal stimulates circulation and eliminates toxins and excess water to banish signs of fatigue. Emerge from the treatment with youthfully supple and well-rested eyes.