Body Massage
    Relaxing Massage
For the busy executives who are always rushing, try our:
Head and Shoulders Massage (30 minutes)
Head, Back and Shoulders Massage (45 minutes)

Aromatherapy (60 minutes)
This relaxing massage restores balance, detoxifies and energizes the entire body by incorporating specific Swedish massage techniques with essential oil to stimulate the senses.

Deep Therapy (60 minutes)
Focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissues, this aims at releasing tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure at specific areas. Hence, promoting better blood and oxygen circulation. Best suited for the health conscious!

Choice of Massage Oils:
Relaxing Massage Oil
Uplifts the spirits, relaxes the body and relieves tension and stress.

Therapeutic Massage Oil
Relieves muscle aches. Stimulates blood circulation.

Detoxing Massage Oil
Detoxifies and reduces water retention.