BelleWave Switzerland
A Scientific Approach to Innovation
Backed by accumulated scientific experience and extensive research in the field of cellular skin treatment, BelleWave is continually creating innovative products that are clinically proven to yield optimal results inskincare. In our quest to perfect the BelleWave line of products, we continually tap on cutting-edge technology in our research, diagnosis and formulation process. With active ingredients that can be easily absorbed by skin cells to improve their biological function, BelleWave formulations maintain the health and vitality of skin cells and preserve the overall youthful appearance of skin.

Combining Technology with the Finest Ingredients
Besides being at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, BelleWave also firmly believes in the use of safe and effective botanical extracts to sustain, rejuvenate and regenerate cells. Revolutionary in approach, our team of dermatologists and biochemists continually strive to concoct the most precise blend of biologically active ingredients to ensure that each product treats the specific skin condition in a safe and effective way. The breakthroughs we have achieved include the extraction of cultured stem cells from a rare species of apple for use in our formulations, and the use of advanced encapsulation technology for timed-release of ingredients into skin.