Anti-aging ~ Nourishing Skin Treatment (105 minutes)
You don't have to live with crow's feet and sagging skin. This uplifting treatment combines the skin with high potency of concentrated liposome ampoules will help minimize the appearance of visible aging skin including fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet. The specialized Restructuring Mask will be used to increase the production of collagen and elastin, leaving the skin feeling firm and rejuvenated. It includes a deep cleansing, intensive exfoliation, face neck, décolleté massage and a Specialized mask to lift and firm the skin.

Stem-Cellogist TX ™Professional Treatment (120 minutes)
For wrinkles, sagging and fatigued skin
The proud winner of Singapore Women's Weekly Spa Awards 2014 for Best Line-Reducing Facial, the Stem-Cellogist TX™ treatment is undisputedly the most advanced treatment to restore and protect skin's youthfulness.

Based on the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of telomeres, this comprehensive five-step treatment helps to stimulate skin's ability to continuously regenerate with the key active - TeloXtend-TX™. It works deep within our cells, at the DNA level to prolong youthfulness and delay aging. With just one treatment, wrinkles and fine lines appear smoothed out, with skin regaining tautness, elasticity and firmness. The power of youth is evident as your skin looks revitalised and glowing with vitality.