Acne and Scar Therapy (90 minutes)
For problem skin prone to acne
A specific treatment, combines the high potency of concentrated purifying camphor ampoules, the antiseptic and sebum regulating decongestant, clarifies the complexion. Also, it prevents scarring and lightens old acne scars, brings back a clear and healthy complexion. It includes steaming, gentle exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, extraction, soothing massage and a purifying mask.

BelleWave Switerland Clarifique Therapy™ (105 minutes)
For oily, congested skin prone to breakouts
The Clarifique Therapy™ treatment provides a powerful approach to thoroughly purify, regulate and rebalance oily skin for fresh clarity. Within one treatment, skin breathes with purity and boasts long-lasting matteness with outbreaks kept at bay.

Experience the 3 key actions in this treatment:
A natural purifier – Volcanic Ash – purges up to 40 times its weight in impurities. It helps to rid skin thoroughly of toxins, oil and dirt, allowing skin to breath with fresh vitality.

Oil-regulating actives – Zinc PCA and Niacinamide – eliminate and prevent the formation of surface impurities to promote a clear and shine-free appearance.

HydraCalm ComplexTM contains a potent blend of hydro-packed soothers to infuse skin with moisture and ensure an optimal water and oil balance that is essential for a healthy defense barrier.